Glory & Honor

Glory & Honor

Game where you can handle your gladiator team

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Something about game.

In Glory&Honor your mission is to lead a team of gladiators of different races into success. The battles are fought out on a 7x5 battlefield, where your job is to find out the enemies weaknesses and use your strengths against them. You can use different races and their racial abilities to your advantage. You can start from the bottom from the worst league and slowly climb your way towards the top. Additionally, you can battle in different CUP's.

To succeed, you must ensure financial security. You can sell stocks of your team to investors of apply for loans from the bank. On top of that, you can sign sponsorships to help you financially. Ticket sales play an important role as well.

Financial planning

Acquire sponsors and ticket sales to generate stable income. On top of that you can recruit juniors who you can train and boost to aid you or to sell to another team for a profit.

If the situation seems bad, you can always sell stocks to investors or convert loans from the bank into stakes in the company.



The human
is a neutral race. It doesnt really gave any weaknesses and it can wield weapons and armor.

The minotaur
The minotaur's strenth is brute force. The more wounded a minotaur is, the more powerful it becomes. Minotaur can't wield anything however.

The troll
The troll's strength is fortification. The troll can enter a defencive stance which makes it really difficult for the enemies to strike any damage through or get past him. Additionally, the troll can wield a club to cause damage.

Wizards are a magical race. The wizard can cast different kinds of spells from a long range. Additionally the wizard can buff his allies using his magical powers.

Here is images about game:

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Here you can read what we have planned for the game in the future.

Q1 2019 (01.01.2019 - 31.03.2019)

- I have decided to focus on throughout the first half of 2019, only fixing bugs, as well as the development of balance. I want to avoid a situation where there are numerous features in the game and nothing works.

- Updating contract negotiations. The intention would be to develop contract negotiations a bit more interesting. So you could make separate promises to the fighter. This could make it possible to get a little better fighter for inferior sets.

Q2 2019 (1.4.2019 - 30.6.2019)

- I have designed the Q2 phase of the game feature phase. The purpose is to publish a team multiplayer. That is, you get your own team online game where you can fight against other players teams. You can also develop your own fighters like in single-player mode.

- It is also planned that there would be a series of online games you can participate in, but this release can stretch until Q3. Depending on how unproblematic the online game release will be.

- I have also designed a bow in the game as one of the weapon and probably this will be at least in the Beta test. The bow is designed to not be able to shoot in the adjacent box, but if there is at least one square between the shooter and target, shooting is possible.

- Development of training. I was asked that the fighters also get XP in the battles. I have decided to bring this feature to the game.

- Quoting. Even more has been asked and I have decided to bring it to at least test. That is, for example, a feature that allows you to put your own juniors into worse leagues to fight so they increase their experience.

Q3 2019 (01.07.2019 - 30.09.2019)

I haven't planned yet. The period will probably focus most on the multiplayer game which is scheduled to be released during Q2

Q4 2019 (01.10.2019 - 31.12.2019)

I haven't planned yet.

List of features designed but not yet decided on release yet

- Impossible heat does not affect the minotaur
- Impossibile cold does not affect the troll